My Private View on Soho Radio

In this episode we talk about the Banksy, extinction rebellion, Coco Davez and Wimbledon Art Fair.

We talk to Wimbledon Art Fair’s ceramicist – Carolyn Tripp. The interview starts at 36:25 until 1:11:43. We also talk to Wimbledon Art Fair Multimedia Artist – Michael Wallner starts at 1:30:05 until 1:58:01.

My BBC interview about Books in the Art World! Jo Good – Lincoln Townley & Coco Davez

Here is a BBC interview about Books in the Art World,

+ we refer to Lincoln Townley and Micheal Caine referring to him as the new Andy Warhol start 1:11:46 

+ Banksy’s Wall and Peace at 1:19:00 Damien Hirst’s involvement in the street artist’s sucess 

+ Coco Davez, her upcoming exhibition and Faceless start at 1:22:28 

+ Coco scheduled interview on Jo Good’s show –  May 8th and her upcoming exhibition.

A Private View with Ben Luke

Please enjoy my latest “A Private View”. A great interview Ben Luke.

Ben Luke is art critic for Evening Standard, writer for The Art Newspaper and presenter on The Art Newspaper podcast.