Screen Printing Workshop & Art Talk at Maddox Gallery Mayfair

Learn about the art and techniques behind screen printing with a hands-on workshop presented by Maddox Gallery and Make Ready Studio.

Exploring the seminal influence of text-based art, this exclusive screen printing workshop in collaboration with Make Ready Studio will take place at our Mayfair gallery on Saturday the 22nd June 2019.

Time/Date: Sessions at 12pm and 3pm on 22nd June, 2019

Offering two exclusive introductory workshops, guests will have the chance to design, print and take home their own luxurious text-based artwork inspired by the iconic Andy Warhol. BBC London’s Arts Correspondent, Maeve Doyle, will deliver a unique talk about the interplay between language and image in modern art and the power of words in society. Attendees will also have the opportunity to view the Maddox Gallery’s latest exhibition, Between the Lines, to see modern prints and paintings from artists such as Harland Miller, Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Connor Brothers, and Massimo Agostinelli.

Ticket price: £15 (all proceeds donated to charity)


  • Introduction to screen printing
  • Live screen print demonstration
  • Make your own print based on Andy Warhol’s famous quote
  • Exclusive talk by BBC London Arts Correspondent, Maeve Doyle

Tickets are available now via Eventbrite for the 12pm session and 3pm session.

My Private View on Soho Radio

In this episode we talk about the Banksy, extinction rebellion, Coco Davez and Wimbledon Art Fair.

We talk to Wimbledon Art Fair’s ceramicist – Carolyn Tripp. The interview starts at 36:25 until 1:11:43. We also talk to Wimbledon Art Fair Multimedia Artist – Michael Wallner starts at 1:30:05 until 1:58:01.

My BBC interview about Books in the Art World! Jo Good – Lincoln Townley & Coco Davez

Here is a BBC interview about Books in the Art World,

+ we refer to Lincoln Townley and Micheal Caine referring to him as the new Andy Warhol start 1:11:46 

+ Banksy’s Wall and Peace at 1:19:00 Damien Hirst’s involvement in the street artist’s sucess 

+ Coco Davez, her upcoming exhibition and Faceless start at 1:22:28 

+ Coco scheduled interview on Jo Good’s show –  May 8th and her upcoming exhibition.